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That was such an awesome dental treatment today! Thank you so much for all you did and for the time you took. I am so happy and grateful. Your office is absolutely amazingly beautiful and so high tech--with computers that can take voice command! And digital xrays! It was an exotic dental spa experience. I truly felt treated! Imagine treating yourself by going to the dentist!

Everyone was wonderful. It was so great to see Sherri and Anna. Your office is about 3 centuries ahead of the dental office I was going to and far more thorough. I so appreciate your thoroughness and amazing skill.

Nora was spot on and wonderful!

Congratulations on all you have accomplished!



Dear Drs. Murphy, Welzel & the entire Dental Team,

I just wanted to send an email to say how much I appreciate everything you have all done for me. My previous dental experiences before coming to your dental office have been nothing short of terrible. In the time I've been there I have been treated with respect and care unlike anything I have experience in my time dealing with the many dental issues I have always had.

From my first encounter with Shane (I hope I spelled that right) at the reception desk to when Sandy gave me some excellent advice and help with my dental hygiene practice I have been overwhelmingly happy with their care and generally happier with my life. Beyond that Dr. Wetzel made both the operations I needed done so far on my teeth relaxing and comfortable in a way that makes me not fear in any way the next one I know I need done at some point. Also, taking her time out of her schedule to discuss with me the concerns I bad about my gums last night means the world tome.

I have not had an opportunity to meet any other staff at the Office, but if they are anything like Shane, Sandy or Dr. Wetzel I am certain they are pleasant, professional and unbelievably caring.

Thank you for everything and I hope your holidays are fun and exciting.


Cory Cone

To Whom It May Concern:

We would like to heartily recommend the best dentist in the Baltimore area, K. Michael Murphy, DDS and Associates (3900 N. Charles St., Suite 112,410 235-1233) . The practice is outstanding. The site is cozy and posh. The atmosphere is friendly. We first became patients at the practice as struggling graduate students. At the time they allowed us to make reasonable payment plans for our care. Now as working professionals we still enjoy going back to a place where we are made to feel like family. Nestled in the Cambridge Apartments in lovely Roland Park across the street from Johns Hopkins Homewood Campus near University Avenue with good access to free parking, this is undoubtedly the best bet available for dentistry in Baltimore.

Sincerely Yours,

Nelly Molano di Targiani Robert di Targiani

Dear Sandy,

Many thanks for sending me your very nice note and the copy of RDH, which contains your excellent paper on the value of microscopy in the practice of dental hygiene. You have described your personal experiences and those of your patients splendidly. I hope your enthusiasm will inspire other hygienists, but I fear too many are handicapped by the indifference of the dentists they work for. That's a shame, because so much good can be accomplished with comprehensive care that intercepts infection before serious damage has occurred. As you will know this is where hygienists can do the most good..

You said a picture is like a thousand words. Said another way: it's like telling a story or showing a "movie", like hearing a message or seeing live action. You mentioned cranberry juice. When I have tested cranberry juice in my own mouth I have used the "LITE' full strength. Do you ever see retarded and handicapped patients? I have wondered if cranberry juice might not be very beneficial- in such cases. Patients could brush, rinse and swallow it, if they wanted to, and as you know it will kill all motile microorganisms on contact.

Do you ever use your microscope to assess the inhibitory potential of agents you want to use chair-side and patients to use for self-care? I always showed my patients how well the agents I recommended killed their spirochetes and other motile microorganisms. They learned why I wanted them to use baking soda, salt, magnesium sulfate, sodium paraperiodate, or Karigel. I retired before I had time to test cranberry juice.

At present I am "testing" Colgate's ''motion brush" with a hydrogen peroxide vinegar solution, 1 :2. I do not find the taste unpleasant. I start with brushing and rinsing with baking soda and then rinse with a small sip of the above solution. There will be "tremendous" effervescence when it contacts the soda. Knowing what I know about the potential of soda and vinegar, I know that, if properly used, these agents individually or in combination will totally prevent periodontal infections. For the fun of it give this combo a try and let me know your impression.

Many years ago Dr. Thomas B. Hartzell MD, DDS, a pioneer periodontist in his day, said in one of his papers that the pleasure and satisfaction he received from the appreciation of grateful patients far exceeded that he received from payments for his services. I enjoyed reading about your rewarding experiences. You sound like Hartzell just different words.

Best regards,

Paul H. Keyes, DDS

Dear Dr. Murphy,

I owe a life-altering experience to you and your team of experts. The impact that you and your team have made in my life is just astronomical! Permit me to explain.

You take extreme makeovers to a new height. I had no idea what to expect when I arrived at your office, but it was a welcoming reception and the staff members were very kind. The way that they made me feel was too wonderful for words. For years I had been very embarrassed by my teeth and your staff did not make me feel self-conscious about my teeth but treated me as an important individual.

When I met you I found you were very gentle and understanding with a calm demeanor. You told me to just relax, you would take good care of me, and when you were finished, I was going to love the way I looked. I heard the sincerity in your voice and I immediately felt confident in you. You explained a treatment plan for me in terms that I understood. You were attentive to me and focused on my needs. Your staff even put my mind at ease about the finances. When I left your office after that first consultation visit, for the first time in years I felt hopeful.

Thanks to you, Dr. Murphy, and your team, I am truly a changed woman with my brand new smile and a new attitude to go along with it. I am just amazed at the transformation you and your team performed. My family, friends, and colleagues are astonished by the way I look now. I just can't stop smiling. I spend more time in the mirror now than I have in over 10 years. I no longer refrain from getting my picture taken. I am more confident and I feel so much better about myself. I am more involved with opportunities that come along at work. I can publicly speak with ease now. When I attend meetings, people know that I am in the room because I contribute to the meeting instead of cowering in embarrassment about the former condition of my teeth.

I highly recommend you and your team of dental professionals to everyone I know. When I smile, the people in my life and everyone who meet me can clearly see the evidence of what you and your team can achieve.

Happier than ever before,

Kathleen Lawson

Good morning 'everyone'....

This is my testimonial for Dr. K. Michael Murphy &Associates based on my experience of the past year (well 'after' my attack). I can state unequivocally, that Dr. Murphy's office has the highest degree of medical/dental professionals, expertise and equipment and a reputation to support my statements.

And, I believe a good, positive experience is worth sharing with others. So, I am writing and sending to each of you information about the wonderful dental reconstructive skills that I have been receiving to correct myriad problems resulting from my attack from Dr. K. Murphy & Associates in Baltimore. I don't know all the dental/medical jargon, but I 'do' know that they specialize in reconstruction, are experts in complex matters of the face and mouth, and have the latest state-of-the-art equipment and an extraordinary professional staff of 12 equipped to work with the initial 'emergency' and to perceive, tackle and correct longer-term problems that may result in the future. They came highly recommended, and accept payment from the Crime Victims Compensation Board.

My experience with Dr. Murphy's office has been the first and only program to help lift the depression that has followed me since the day of my attack. They cared. Everyone took time to understand my situation; provide encouragement, and never made me feel less than a real person...they worked around the PTSD, hypervigilism, depression, and financial situation. They protected my confidentiality and, and were ever vigilant of the demons that haunted me. I was treated with care and respect by each of Dr. Murphy's 'team' who were at 100% (plus) attentive. I actually looked forward to my visits -some were long and exhausting, but I knew there was a rainbow at the end of each. They are more than capable j every dental capacity, AND they know how to interact with the Crime Vic. Compensation Board for payment. (unlike many medical providers -including therapists-who will 'not consider working with or accepting payment from the Compo Board).

However, they possess something that most other medical professionals lack. Dr. Murphy's folks take a personal interest in each client and treat each with patience, understanding and respect. These people-skills gained my trust in them, and helped me re-gain my self esteem. Thus, they have been the one source that has most helped me begin to re-gain my confidence.

In addition to handling very complex reconstructive problems, Murphy & Associates provides endocronology, cosmetics (implants, crowns, etc), root canals, hygiene, and more. They were able to unscramble myriad problems (teeth that moved, spaces that appeared, correct my bite by rebuilding teeth, straightening out my smile that then helped to correct my speech and facial appearance. Dr. Murphy's team also looks ahead and employs preventive measures to safeguard and maintain the overall good dental health of their patients. What a truly uplifting experience for me. I have begun to smile again. Thank you, everyone.

PS: Since I don't do Facebook, etc, I am asking Joellen of Dr. Murphy's office to coordinate with Roberta's office (resource folks) to be a part of their Facebook so that other crime victims will know that Dr. Murphy & Associates is the source to choose when damage occurs to the face, mouth, teeth. I hope you and Joellen will connect so that other crime victims will know about Dr. Murphy's office as a RESOURCE to recovery.


Ann F.

Dear Dr. Murphy,

I owe a life-altering experience to you and your team of experts.  The impact that you and your team have made on my life is just astronomical!

I had no idea what to expect when I arrived at your office, but it was a welcoming reception and the staff members were very kind.   You explained a treatment plan for me in terms that I understood.  You were attentive to me and focused on my needs.

Thanks to you, Dr Murphy, and your team, I am truly a changed woman with my brand new smile and a new attitude to go along with it.  I highly recommend you and your team of dental professionals to everyone I know.

Happier than ever before,

Kathleen Lawson

Sally was unhappy with her smile and about to loose her front teeth secondary to bone loss...

After years of periodontal surgeries and treatments I was approaching my 50th birthday and the inevitable loss of my teeth.  Add to this a sudden and devastating divorce from my husband of 20 years and you find me a wreck, ready for a breakdown.  Dr. Murphy never knew of my personal problems until long after my treatments were complete.  He and his staff evaluated me and explained thier plan for restoring my smile.  He spent many hours preparing for the day he gave me eight implants and temporary dentures.  His thorough and complete dedication to perfection is evident in the end result -- my smile! Without Dr. Murphy I could never have made it through the toughest time of my life.  I would also add that I get a lot of compliments on my smile from people who have no idea that I have implants!  I continue to drive over an hour to be a patient in this practice.

- Sally

Mr Hansen writes about his wife's new smile...

Dear Dr. Murphy,

Just a note of appreciation for the tremendously great craftmanship in constructing Joan's dentures.  She loves her new teeth and here is my interpretation of what she tells me.  The comparison is like that of a new Lexus to an old Ford Taurus.  For a short period of time she had some moments of discomfort, as was to be expected.  Here it is, literally days later and she tells me she if pain free.  So, thank you and your staff so very much for a superior product!  By the way, I wish I could compose thank you notes as well as you guys do your jobs!

Most Sincerely,

Harry and Joan Hansen

My implant is going to attach to my partial.

I couldn’t believe it was as easy as it was.  I was in the chair for several hours and I couldn’t get over how smoothly it went.  It healed very well and I didn’t feel a thing when Dr. Murphy  took the sutures out.  I thanked God it was so easy.

Anna Mae C.
Age :91

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