Conebeam Catscans

K. Michael Murphy DDS and Associates now offers a remarkable new technology that creates virtually limitless views of the face, jaws and teeth, for more complete treatment planning.

It’s called 3D ConeBeam CT Imaging . It’s fast, simple and completely painless. Patients just stand in the unit for a single 24-second scan. The scan produces computer-generated views of the bones of the jaws, the teeth, and other details from any angle, in 3D.

It's important for your doctor to have accurate and complete information to plan your treatment. 3D ConeBeam Imaging provides that information, with a host of advantages for you and your doctors.

How Is It Different from Ordinary Dental X-rays?

Typical dental x-rays just focus on your teeth, and for each x-ray picture, you need one exposure. So it would take many exposures to even begin to compare to a single 3D ConeBeam scan. But 3D ConeBeam Imaging shows much more than simple "flat" x-rays. This new technology provides more complete visual information to study your case from every angle. Best of all, the original scan data can be duplicated anytime, to provide different specialists with images if needed later. And, there’s no film's to get lost.

Why Do I Need It?

Whether you’re just beginning treatment or evaluating the results, 3D ConeBeam CT x-ray images give your doctors more of the high quality, detailed visual information they want for diagnosis and planning. More complete information is a vital key to improved patient care. And for you, it can mean more confidence and satisfaction in your treatment. CT scans can find infections not found in standard dental X-rays which can be helpful to find the source of pain or diagnostically in root canal therapy. CT scans can be used to see if you have enough bone for an implant and to precisely determine where to place the implant. When patients need multiple implants the CT scan data is imported into software that allows positioning of the implants so they are correctly located where the new teeth are going to be placed. The surgery is done virtually and a surgical guide is made so the implants are positioned in the best cosmetic locations. It shortens the implant placement surgery time up to fifty percent.  In some cases patients can come into the office with no teeth but wearing dentures and leave the office with fixed teeth attached to implants! Several simple diagnostic visits proceed this teeth in one day visit.

More Information

  • No pre-scan preparation required in many cases
  • Quick, simple, completely painless
  • A virtually infinite number of views from just one 24-second scan
  • Significantly lower radiation doses compared to conventional medical CT scans
  • Gives you the confidence that your doctor has advanced, precise information to plan and monitor your treatment

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