Computer Guided Implant Surgery

When most or all teeth have been lost it sometimes becomes very challenging to restore the best smile and chewing function with dental implants.

About ten years ago there was a big breakthrough in the area. Now the implant placement is first done virtually in software after the best position for the teeth has been determined through cosmetic evaluation and optimal speech patterns.

The conebean CT scan, diagnostic models and cosmetic teeth setups are all scanned into the 3D software. This way the optimal positions for the implants in the bone to support the specific teeth is determined.

With this information the software is used to print a surgical guide that precisely locates the positions of the implants at the time of surgery.  Placement is accurate and the surgery takes fifty percent less time. There is little or a lot less pain, less swelling and the time to deliver the final teeth is significantly reduced in many cases.

The result is you get the best smile in less time.

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