The Benefits Of Dental Bonding

By Dr. K. Michael Murphy and Associates
July 21, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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If you’re looking for some good, honest information about the benefits of dental bonding in Baltimore, MD, consider making an appointment with Dr. K. Michael Dental BondingMurphy and Associates, LLC.

Dental bonding is one of the easiest, painless, and frequently done dental procedures available today. Dental bonding is especially effective for fixing problems in your smile such as chipped or discolored teeth, fillings, spacing issues, and cracks. Bonding can even be an option for protecting the roots of teeth that have become exposed due to receding gums.

In fact, most dentists such as Dr. Murphy and his staff will usually want to try less invasive and complicated procedures such as bonding whenever feasible.

In a dental bonding procedure, your Baltimore dentist will use a tooth-colored, easily sculpted resin material to fill cracks or cavities, close small gaps, repair minor teeth, or other such issues. The procedure takes very little time and does not require the dentist to file down, shave, or otherwise drill or remove existing tooth enamel. Bonding is painless; a patient doesn’t need anesthesia unless the dentist is doing something in conjunction with bonding, such as filling a cavity.

However, dental bonding yields the best results for simple procedures. The bonding material is not as strong and therefore doesn’t last as long as a crown or a veneer. We can determine if you will benefit from this procedure, or if you might need a more complex procedure.

In a small percentage of cases, bonding material can actually cause further damage to a tooth; in rare cases it can actually cause a tooth to break. This is why you need to make the decision to undergo dental bonding with the help and insight of a qualified dentist such as Dr. Murphy.

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