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By K. Michael Murphy and Associates
October 26, 2015
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Fear of dental work is a real and pressing concern for many patients. When the fear of treatment becomes greater than the fear of developing problems, you may find yourself unwilling to seek care at all. Sedation dentistry is the solution to this overwhelming anxiety.

Sedation is accomplished with medications of varying strength that put you into a relaxed state for your dental visit, allowing you to Sedation Dentistryreceive the treatment you need without the trauma you fear.

Who should visit a sedation dentist?

Many patients seek out sedation dentists for their regular dental needs, including fillings, root canals, cosmetic restorations, routine cleanings, and more. Reasons include:

  • Generalized anxiety
  • History of traumatic dental experiences
  • Strong gag reflex
  • Difficulty feeling numb with local anesthesia
  • Fear of needles
  • Extremely sensitive teeth
  • Extensive restorations


What will my visit be like?

Your dentist will choose from medications of varying strength to help you relax. Light sedation is usually accomplished with nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas”. Conscious sedation is slightly deeper and may be accomplished with nitrous oxide or IV medications. These are the most popular options for routine dental work. Deep sedation, in which the patient is completely unaware of their surroundings, is used for more involved surgical procedures.

Regardless of the type of sedation you receive, it’s likely that you won’t have a clear memory of the details of your visit. This means you’ll leave the office with healthier teeth, and no painful or panic-inducing memories.

Is it safe?

Sedation is a common procedure that is safe for most patients. Our dentists are always prepared to treat you promptly in case of an emergency, but the vast majority of patients have a pleasant and uneventful visit. Your Baltimore sedation dentists at K. Michael Murphy and Associates are experienced in administering these medications appropriately.

Baltimore Sedation Dentist

If you’re looking for a sedation dentist in Baltimore to offer you a more relaxed experience, call (410) 235-1233 today. Our skilled and compassionate dentists will listen to your concerns and make sure you get the safe, peaceful treatment you need.