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By K. Michael Murphy and Associates
April 17, 2014
Category: Implant Surgery
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You watch as the dentures fly across the dining table into the mashed potatoes. You laugh hysterically dentureswhen the dog gets ahold of grandma’s chompers. How many times have you seen this kind of scene played up by Hollywood?
Denture “incidents,” such as the ones you see on TV, are dramatized and not the reality.  Modern technology has improved the look and fit of dentures and other prosthetic dental placements.
However, there are still some people that are looking for something a little more permanent. That’s where dental implants come into the picture. In dentistry, implants take the lead part because the advantages are so—well—advantageous for the patient.
Once the screw-like implant finishes attaching to the jawbone, its permanent. For this reason it’s the perfect restorative procedure, but it’s also one that makes patients quite nervous. If it’s permanent, you want it to look perfect.
You don’t want to walk out of the dentist office upset with the final outcome. We also don’t want that to happen. To ensure your implant compliments your teeth’s function and esthetic, K. Michael Murphy and Associates offer computer guided implant surgery.
What is computer guided implant surgery?
With the assistance of digital imaging, Baltimore dentist, Dr. Murphy and his associates, are able to recreate your smile and determine the best steps for your implant treatment.
List of equipment used:
  • Conebeam CT scan – assists in the reconstruction of dental anatomy, and it detects any abnormalities in the jaw, face and teeth.
  • Diagnostic models – a design that will show the exact position of a restoration amongst the natural teeth
  • Cosmetic teeth setups –Along with your digital X-rays and diagnostic models, cosmetic teeth setups are scanned into the 3D software
The 3D software analyzes the information and creates a surgical guide for placing the implants.
Advantages of computer guided implant surgery
  • Saves time
  • Precise placement of restoration
  • Improves function of implant and crown surrounding by your natural teeth
  • Lessens any discomfort during the procedure
Do you want to know more about dental implants or computer guided implant surgery? Talk to our prosthodontist in Baltimore at K. Michael Murphy and Associates by calling (410) 235-1233.
By Cosmetic, Implant & Reconstructive Dentistry
November 22, 2013
Category: General
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Cosmetic Dentist Baltimore MDPaul Revere—one of the most prominent figures in American history. His famous midnight run alongside two other men, William Dawes and Samuel Prescott, is celebrated in history books. Besides warning John Hancock, Samuel Adams and other patriots of the impending approach of the British, Revere dabbled in dentistry. Who knew?
Revere was an amateur dentist and a professional silversmith. Combining those trades together, Revere was able to construct wire dentures, which were made of walrus ivory or animal teeth, and place them in his patients’ mouths. The wire allowed patients to maintain the mechanics of theirs jaws and teeth.
Over 200 years later, we are still making breakthroughs with dental techniques and technology. At our office, two revolutionary dental procedures are one-visit smiles (single-day implants) and one-visit crowns. A one-visit smile is a procedure to restore smiles with dental implants—in one office visit. Instead of waiting for months, Dr. Murphy fits and places implants by using advanced implant technology. A one-day smile isn’t for everyone, so it’s important to contact your cosmetic dentist in Baltimore.
Revere is revered for his midnight ride, but we also want to remember his passion for dentistry. Did you know Revere worked on people’s teeth? What fun dental facts can you share with us? Your Baltimore dentist looks forward to your comments!