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By K. Michael Murphy and Associates
January 14, 2016
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Know exactly what to expect when you get dentures from your Baltimore dentist.

Millions of Americans are dealing with tooth loss. Our Baltimore dentists Dr. K. Michael Murphy, Dr. Alexandra T. Welzel and Dr. DawnDentures Merguerian will do everything possible to help return your smile back to a healthy state. This means replacing your missing teeth and preserving as much of your smile as possible. Those with complete tooth loss may be weighing the pros and cons of getting dentures. Find out what to expect when you opt to get dentures in Baltimore, MD.

What are dentures?

These oral prosthetics are designed to look just like natural teeth and can be a great option for those looking to replace all of their missing teeth. But it is important to note that while dentures are made to look like teeth they will not function the same way as healthy, natural teeth.

Dentures are made from plastic and sit on top of the gums. While not attached to the gums they can be held in place with denture adhesives.

What should I expect when getting my dentures?

It can take several weeks for a lab to make your dentures and you’ll have to go through multiple appointments before you actually leave with your brand new set of teeth. Here are some important things to note about dentures that will hopefully make your new transition a bit easier:


Because dentures can never really replace the durability and function of teeth you’ll find that it will take a few weeks to get used to chewing with your dentures. Even once you retrain your mouth you may find that certain foods still pose a challenge.


One of the major reasons patients opt for dentures is that it gives them the confidence to smile in public without worrying about a toothless smile. But it’s important to note that your dentures may come loose or make noise while you are talking. If you are finding it difficult to get used to your dentures consult with your Baltimore, MD cosmetic dentist about ways to help make the transition to living with dentures a bit easier.

Your jawbone

Since your natural teeth are gone the tooth roots are no longer stimulating the jawbone. Without this stimulation from your tooth roots, your jawbone will start to lose density and shrink. Because of this, you may find that your dentures won’t fit as well as they once did. Therefore, you’ll need to replace your dentures every few years in order to maintain the proper fit.

Take charge of your tooth loss today by scheduling a consultation with our Baltimore, MD cosmetic dentists. Let the experts at K. Michael Murphy and Associates restore your smile and determine if dentures are right for you.