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By Dr. K. Michael Murphy & Associates, LLC
June 04, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures

Dental scientists are always researching new technologies and techniques to provide optimal care to patients. One interesting new development that is now offered by K. Michael Murphy and Associates at their Baltimore office is called 'growth factor bio-technology.' It's a way for prosthodontists to grow bone tissue using your own plasma. The result is a better solution for patients who have periodontal issues, or who need better support for dental implants. Learn more about growth factor bio-technology and how it can help improve your dental health.

What Is Growth Factor Bio-Technology?
Growth factor bio-technology is a method of growing bone tissue from platelets and plasma that come from your own body. In traditional bone grafting procedures, artificial bone tissue is used to strengthen the jawbone, but doctors have found that using tissue sources from the patient may be preferable in many cases. To begin this procedure, your Baltimore prosthodontist places a blood sample in a centrifuge machine so that necessary elements can be removed and utilized. 

How Does this Technology Help Patients?
Human plasma contains a substance called fibrin, which promotes healing in the body. Platelets have what are called “growth factors” that promote the healthy growth of new tissue. When a patient loses bone tissue due to periodontitis or as an effect of having missing teeth for a long period of time, they often need surgery to regenerate and strengthen the bone. Growth factor bio-technology accelerates the growth of bone tissue and results in better bone formation.

Who's a Good Candidate?
Your dentist will do a full exam and medical history to ensure that you’re a candidate for growth factor bio-technology. Generally, you must be in good health to ensure the fast and healthy growth of new bone tissue. Your dentist must also evaluate whether a bone grafting procedure will be successfully for your specific case, whether it’s for periodontal surgery or dental implants.

Call for an Appointment
If you're interested in growth factor bio-technology, call the Baltimore office of K. Michael Murphy and Associates at (410) 235-1233. A qualified prosthodontist will evaluate your case and provide you with all of the information you need in order to proceed.