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By K. Michael Murphy and Associates
January 12, 2015
Category: Dental Implants
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Until recently, the most common dental solution suggested by dentists for missing teeth was dentures. Modern dental technology has given us better solutions that are more permanent and reliable. If you have missing teeth or teeth that you need to replace, consider a dental implantation procedure. Dental implants from Baltimore cosmetic dentist Dr. K. Michael Murphy can give you a more secure and beautiful smile that will last for a lifetime.

About Dental Implantation
To understand the idea of dental implantation, equate it to gardening carrots. Carrots grow down into the dirt and stay there securely until they're removed. If you were to implant a grown carrot back into the dirt, eventually it would again become incorporated into the ground. Getting a dental implant is much like re-inserting a carrot into the ground and waiting for the ground to "re-accept" and hold it in place. 

The Procedure
The process of getting a dental implant is pretty straightforward. Baltimore cosmetic dentist Dr. K. Michael Murphy inserts a dental appliance (titanium metal screw) into your jawbone that will support a dental restoration (custom-designed crown) and allows it time to heal. A temporary artificial tooth is inserted as a fill-in so that a permanent one can be created in a laboratory. After a few weeks, you must come back into the office to have the permanent restoration attached to the implant.

The Healing Process
You can assist and hasten the healing process of your dental implant by prioritizing good oral care. Commit to twice a day or more brushings, flossing before bed and gargling to remove food particles. Also, be mindful of the food and beverages that you consume. Try a daily health smoothie full of milk and vitamins to help strengthen the bone around your new implant. Eat plenty of green leafy vegetables and antioxidant rich foods to support your immune system.

Set up a Dental Implants Consultation Today
It's time to contact Baltimore cosmetic dentist Dr. K. Michael Murphy for a dental implantation consultation. His practice is committed to solving your dental problems with friendly, caring, quality care. Visit his website at or call (410) 235-1233 to confirm a time with one of Dr. Murphy's friendly staff members.